Cambiar paradigmas: una experiencia en educación superior

  • Vanesa Alvarado Chacón Profesional Independiente
  • María de los Ángeles Montero Dien Profesional Independiente
  • Gisella Vargas Chinchilla Profesional Independiente
  • Silvia Chacón Ramírez Universidad de Costa Rica


This is a research-action type of experience in higher education lived by a “learning community” conformed by teachers and students whose aim is to become fostering agents for sustainable development. The experience was carried out as part of the plan for teacher training in Preschool Education.

This paper is the authors' Final Graduation Paper, a requirement to obtain a Licentiate degree in Preschool Education at the University of Costa Rica. The research began with a diagnosis that would lead to the implementation of an action plan that was organized and carried out jointly by the students and their teachers. The project finished with the participants' acceptance of some “environmental commitments”.

Author Biographies

Vanesa Alvarado Chacón, Profesional Independiente

Licenciada en Educación Preescolar. Investigadora. Maestra Colegio Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Costa Rica.

María de los Ángeles Montero Dien, Profesional Independiente

Licenciada en Educación Preescolar. Investigadora.

Gisella Vargas Chinchilla, Profesional Independiente

Licenciada en Educación Preescolar. Educadora Ambiental Fundaos.

Silvia Chacón Ramírez, Universidad de Costa Rica

Licenciada en Educación Preescolar. Máster en Planificación Curricular. Profesora de la Universidad de Costa Rica.


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Alvarado Chacón, V., Montero Dien, M., Vargas Chinchilla, G., & Chacón Ramírez, S. (2004). Cambiar paradigmas: una experiencia en educación superior. Revista Electrónica Educare, (6), 173-189.
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