La innovación tecnológica de la agricultura costarricense 1880-1920

  • Mario Samper Kutschbach
  • Carlos Naranjo Gutiérrez
Keywords: Costa Rica, agriculture, innovation, technology, coffee, sugar cane, dairy, beef, staple grain


The article studies the main technological changes in the Costa Rica coffee, sugar cane, dairy and beef sector during the late-19th and early-20th centuries, with some additional reference to staple grain. The article explores differences and similarities in these innovation processes, as well as certain interactions among the key social and institutional actors.


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Samper Kutschbach, Mario, and Carlos Naranjo Gutiérrez. 2006. “La Innovación Tecnológica De La Agricultura Costarricense 1880-1920”. Revista De Historia, no. 53-54 (January), 99-114.
Costa Rica (peer reviewed section)

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