El traslado de la capital del Reino de Guatemala (1773-1779). Conflicto de poder y juegos sociales

  • Christophe Belaubre
Keywords: Powers, church, estate, families, social games, webs, Bourbon Reforms, regalism, jansenism


In their own words, the ministers of the Real Audiencia described the decision to rebuild, in a different location, a new capital for the Captaincy-General of Guatemala, after 1773 earthquakes destroyed the city as one of the greatest events that have occurred in the American Audiencias... In this work, we invite a new reading of this event, taking into account the complexity of the financial stakes, the personality, and psychology of the social actors, the internal conflicts of municipal and ecclesiastic corporations, and the influence of networks of power that reached throughout colonial society. A new light cast over an ancient regime conflict that reveals in all its magnitude the traps that men of power tend to fall into and the limited awareness they have of the social consequences of their decisions.


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Belaubre, Christophe. 2008. “El Traslado De La Capital Del Reino De Guatemala (1773-1779). Conflicto De Poder Y Juegos Sociales”. Revista De Historia, no. 57-58 (January), 23-61. https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/index.php/historia/article/view/1754.
Latin America (peer reviewed section)

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