Los archivos de la Iglesia Católica, pasado y futuro: el caso de Costa Rica

  • Eduardo Fournier García


This article presents the history of the archives and the archiving policies of the Roman Catholic Church at the international level, in Latin America and more specifically in Costa Rica. The article particularly analyzes the origins, evolution, and current situation of the Archdiocesan Archives of San José and its contribution toward the historical research in this country. Lastly, a balance is made of the present state of affairs and perspectives of the ecclesiastical archives of Costa Rica.


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Fournier García, Eduardo. 2004. “Los Archivos De La Iglesia Católica, Pasado Y Futuro: El Caso De Costa Rica”. Revista De Historia, no. 49-50 (January), 221-42. https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/index.php/historia/article/view/1787.
Costa Rica (peer reviewed section)

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