Editorial - Actividad Física y Discapacidad

  • María Antonieta Ozols Rosales Universidad Nacional, Escuela Ciencias del Deporte, Miembro Comité de Editorial Revista MHSalud, Costa Rica


Disability is a term to describe any physical deficiency, mental or sensorial that may affect mainly activities of a person and you can classify disabilities in: cognitive, sensorial and physical. Physical Activity is described as any activity that involves a contraction of the muscles resulting in caloric intake. Exercise means a plannified, structured and repeated activity guided toward a goal or objective. Inactivity may cause the main principle of death in the world. People became sedentary as a result of health problems such as heart diseases, overweight, cancer, diabetes, and so on.

Physical activity may reduce probabilities to acquired heart diseases. People with disabilities can reduce also many health problems trough physical activity. Down syndrome people tend to gain weight through their life increasing the risk of heart diseases; cerebral palsy people reduce their range of motion through inactivity causing contractures problems and pain in their articulations. Therefore, it is necessary to create programs to promote physical activity in this population.
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Ozols Rosales, M. (2007). Editorial - Actividad Física y Discapacidad. MHSalud: Revista En Ciencias Del Movimiento Humano Y Salud, 4(2). https://doi.org/10.15359/mhs.4-2.1

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