Propagación in vitro de pilón (Hyeronima alchorneoides) (ING)

  • Lisette Valverde Cerdas Instituto de Investigaciones y Servicios Forestales (UNA)


Bully tree plants (Hyeronima alchorneoides) were obtained in vitro from nodal explants of seedlings germinated in vitro. Nodes were cultured in MS basal medium alone or supplemented with benzyladenine (BA), activated charcoal, or hydrolysate casein. For microcuttings  growth the medium supplemented with hydrolysate casein gave the best results. Rooting was achieved without addition of auxins. Shoot proliferation was higher in the medium with BA. Nodal segments taken from these in vitro-proliferated shoots developed into plants when they were transferred to the best medium above mentioned. Microcuttings remained in basal medium for 60 days, after which they were transferred to the greenhouse but the survival was low.

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