Germinación y micropropagación de ficus obtusifolia, F. Jimenezii y F. Morazaniana (Moraceae) (ING)

  • Lisette Valverde Cerdas Instituto de Investigación y Servicios Forestales (UNA)
  • Ana Hine Gómez Instituto de Investigación y Servicios Forestales (UNA)
Keywords: Moraceae, figs, Ficus jimenezii, Ficus obtusifolia, Ficus morazaniana, micropropagation, germination.


Germination and in vitro culture of three species of figs: Ficus obtusifolia Kunt, F. jimenezii Standl and F. morazaniana Burger were studied Semi-ripen seeds of these species were distributed in four types of substrates (culture medium, sand, soil and newspaper) under three different conditions (in vitro, ambient and greenhouse). In vitro germination and micropropagation was only possible in F. jimenezii due to the fact that seeds of the other species presented high bacterial contamination. This was also the best method for the production of this species. The newspaper substrate showed high germination percentages in the three test species and this facilitated the transference of plantlets to other substrates for their growth under in vitro conditions. F. obtusifolia and F. jimenezii showed the lowest germination percentages in the sand substrate 60% y 10% respectively. The germination of F. obtusifolia and F. morazaniana was possible in pots under greenhouse conditions but the plantlets growth was lower with respect to other methods evaluated. For those plantlets germinated under ambient conditions the best growth was obtained in closed flasks with pit substrate placed in a growth chamber with a photoperiod of 16 hrs light and a light intensity of 30 μE m-2s-1. Plants developed well in the greenhouse where they were fertilized and grew for a period of 12 months.

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Valverde Cerdas, L., & Hine Gómez, A. (2002). Germinación y micropropagación de ficus obtusifolia, F. Jimenezii y F. Morazaniana (Moraceae) (ING). Uniciencia, 19(1), 77-82. Retrieved from
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