El bachillerato de matemática del 2003 un debate relevante

  • Hugo Barrantes Centro de Investigaciones Matemáticas y Meta-Matemáticas, Escuela de Matemática, Universidad de Costa Rica;
  • Cristian Alfaro AIEM, Escuela de Matemática, Universidad Nacional


This paper analyzes some criteria given by scholars in Costa Rica on student performance at the “Bachillerato”, the standard national test required to conclude High School education in Costa Rica. Also a proposal made by the Minister to Education at the beginning of 2004 is analyzed and, to this end, a comparison is made between results in these tests during 1999-2003 in order to establish conclusions.
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Barrantes, H., & Alfaro, C. (2003). El bachillerato de matemática del 2003 un debate relevante. Uniciencia, 20(1), 169-180. Retrieved from https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/index.php/uniciencia/article/view/5974
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