Sentir y tener sentido

  • Humberto Malavassi Calvo Universidad Nacional


By means of a brief reflection, the author explains that the low reputation teachers have, which has for so long blamed teachers for the poor academic performance and humanistic education of our youth, is totally undeserved. Teachers are not the only actors responsible for the education process; unions, higher education institutions, government agencies and, mainly, the homes, are also involved in the process.

An activity was carried out with 93 tenth graders from the Conservatorio Castella High School. The students had been showing an aggressive, disrespectful attitude towards the school. Along with another colleague from Universidad Nacional, four sessions were devoted to diagnosing possible causes for their rebellion toward their teachers and for their indiscipline. The students answered a questionnaire and also received individual attention so that they could talk openly about their concerns and unrest.

The students claimed that, the education process is everybody’s concern, and if it lacks meaning, or if teachers are not committed with their actions, they would be fostering a growing sterile, distant atmosphere among all the actors involved in the process. Then, education would be reduced to complying with GPAs, contents and memory rather than promoting good performance and self- realization.

Author Biography

Humberto Malavassi Calvo, Universidad Nacional

Bachiller en Enseñanza de las Artes Musicales, Universidad de Costa Rica. Licenciado en Música con énfasis en Educación Musical, Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica. Magíster en Educación con mención en el Aprendizaje del Español como Lengua Extranjera, Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica. Actualmente Director de la División de Educología del Centro de Investigación y Docencia en Educación (CIDE), Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica.


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