Aims and Scope

Educare Electronic Journal is edited and published by the Center for Research and Teaching in Education  (Centro de Investigación y Docencia en Educación) from the Universidad Nacional (National University, Costa Rica). It is an international, quarterly, academic publication.

Educare’s aim is to disseminate academic production in the area of Education, both nationally and internationally, allowing authors to communicate their findings, and readers, the possibility to discover the extensive work related to the discipline and its impact and relationship with other fields of knowledge. In search of the construction of interdisciplinary pedagogical thought, the Journal seeks academic reflection; the discussion and analysis of the published knowledge; the incorporation of new perspectives; the reference to innovation and the presentation of successful methodological applications. Aware of the wide range of expressions in this discipline, from theoretical conceptualizations to practical exercises, Educare offers a space for exchange, dissemination and promotion of Education.

Its thematic coverage is education in all its disciplines and applications. The Journal's target audience is constituted by the national and international community of researchers, students, degree and postgraduate careers and all the public that is interested in the diversity of disciplines of education.

Educare publishes research or review articles and essays, both original and unpubished, in Spanish, English or Portuguese.