Viajando con Don Quijote en el siglo XXI

  • Odilíe Rojas López Profesional Independiente, Costa Rica


Don Quixote has ridden with us for a long time now, and as if his fight against windmills were not enough, Don Quixote still has many more difficult situations to combat in the present times. Will the Knight of the Sad Figure accomplish this new deed?

It is our challenge to find an answer to this inquiry. For this purpose, the author of this essay inserts the Knight of the Sad Figure in XXI century society. The author transforms the values, costumes and points of view of the times of the literary piece and establishes a series of relationships between the literary text, the main character and several current daily life situations. Don Quixote will certainly continue his fight against all the conditions we encounter nowadays. There is no doubt, then, that this knight still lives among us.

Author Biography

Odilíe Rojas López, Profesional Independiente

Es una maestra costarricense que trabaja en la Escuela La Isla y vive en Horquetas de Sarapiquí, Costa Rica. Con el tema “Viajando con Don Quijote en el sgilos XXI”, ganó el concurso regional de ensayo, que se realizó en conmoración al Cuarto Centenario de la aparición de la obra de Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quijote de la Mancha.


Cervantes Saavedra, M., 1547-1616. (1966). El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de La Mancha. Madrid :Espasa-Calpe
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Rojas López, O. (2006). Viajando con Don Quijote en el siglo XXI. Revista Electrónica Educare, 9(2), 125-128.
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