Manejo del aula, competencia básica del maestro líder

  • Ray Petty Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico


It is necessary to establish two specific areas to carry out an effective teaching-learning process. These are the program contents and the nature of the work in the classroom. This article analyzes the latter from a behavioral theoretical perspective. The author proposes three classroom management components: (a) Definition of appropriate and inappropriate behaviors, (b) The way to admonish those students who do not comply with the expectations; (c) The development of a behavior management system.

The teachers who post the rules of behavior in their classrooms will find two examples in which they can discover strengths and weaknesses. The benefit of patting the students on the back and the use of rewards to acknowledge their achievement and the danger of the undue use of punishment are discussed in this article.

Author Biography

Ray Petty, Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico


Petty, R. (s.f.). Manejo del Salón de Clases: Un manual para el maestro de vanguardia. San Juan, Puerto Rico: Publicaciones Puertorriqueñas.
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Petty, R. (2001). Manejo del aula, competencia básica del maestro líder. Revista Electrónica Educare, (1), 85-91.

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