For an economy oriented towards the reproduction of life

Keywords: social economy, economy of life, instrumental rationality, reproductive rationality


This article explores the need for and possibility of constructing a type of rationality that transcends, without necessarily eliminating, instrumental rationality. This rationality is not based on the preferences of the consumer, but on the people’s needs; not on economic calculations, but on the ethics of the common good that enable the preservation and reproduction of the natural circuit of human life and nature. This article suggests that, in order to attain this rationality, a critique of the logic of empiria’s fetishism is necessary, that is, a critique of that image of reality constituted solely by market relations. All this seems to point to the answer of which is the best society.


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Author Biographies

Franz J. Hinkelammert, Consultor Internacional

Economist. Founder and former Researcher of the Ecumenical Research Department, Costa Rica.

Henry Mora Jiménez, Universidad Nacional

Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica. Economist.


Hinkelammert, F.J. & Mora, H.M. (2001). Coordinación social del trabajo, mercado y reproducción de la vida humana. Preludio a una teoría crítica de la racionalidad reproductiva. Costa Rica: DEI.

Hinkelammert, F.J. & Mora, H.M. (2013). Hacia una economía para la vida. Preludio a una segunda crítica de la economía política. México: Editorial Universidad Michoacana San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Morelia.
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Hinkelammert, F., & Mora Jiménez, H. (2020). For an economy oriented towards the reproduction of life. Economía Y Sociedad, 25(57), 1-12.
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