Prepublication Modes

Detailed information for authors


The Journal Economía y Sociedad offers authors the option of publishing their articles as soon as they have been accepted in the peer review process, before going through the normal process of proofreading, translation, editing and layout, which can accelerate their publication by between four and six weeks. To take advantage of this option, it is necessary to have fulfilled all the Journal’s legal requirements, in addition to providing author(s)’s approval and sending a PDF version of the accepted manuscript, which will be published in the Journal within a maximum period of one week. While this pre-published version is visible to the world, the manuscript continues to pass through the normal process until galley proofs are generated that will be approved by the author(s). At that point, the final official version of the article will replace the prepublished version of the Journal. An HTML, XML and printed version will also be generated from the final official version (at the end of the issue), or possibly in another emerging format. It must be emphasized that the articles published in this modality are already considered published and will be immediately assigned a DOI; however, the official version of the manuscript is not the pre-published document, but the one that appears after the correction of style, editing and layout. Both the DOI and the publication date will be the same as those of the pre-published version, which will be passed to the final official version.


The authors of each pre-published manuscript are fully responsible for its content and format; therefore, the final PDF file they submit must be carefully prepared and submitted in a clean version. Any error detected in a pre-published manuscript can only be corrected in the official final version. This mode of publication is NOT recommended if an article has a pending application for a patent, permission or license to publish previously published material, in which case the authors should wait until the entire process is complete. If an author decides not to make use of the pre-publishing mode, his or her manuscript will not be published until the entire process is completed.


Each pre-published manuscript can be correctly cited by other authors by using the assigned DOI, with the legend “Pre-published version, published DATE.” As this is not the final official version, page numbers should not be cited. Since the DOI remains the same when the final official version replaces the pre-published version, the citation is not altered, although the content of the article may change slightly as a result of the proofreading and editing process.


 This pre-published document will also be released under a Creative Commons license.