Economía y Sociedad is a journal of the School of Economics of the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (ESEUNA), published every six months (January-June and July-December). The Journal focuses on the publication of articles with innovative approaches and analytical perspectives which promote the common good and social and environmental justice. It also has a pluralistic approach to the social sciences, promoting theoretical and methodological diversity, so long as it contributes to confronting socioeconomic challenges and contributing to knowledge. The target audience consists of academics, professionals and students in the Economic and Social Sciences. The Journal receives submissions for publication throughout the year, which are reviewed by specialist peers external to the Journal using the Double Blind methodology. The average time for the evaluation and publication of articles is 8 to 12 weeks.


Presentation of the Journal



Current issue


Vol. 27 No. 61 (2022): Economía y Sociedad (January-July)


Published: 2022-01-01

Articles (Reviewed section)



Elizabeth Serrano-Ramírez, José René Valdez-Lazalde, Héctor Manuel de los Santos-Posadas, Roman Anselmo Mora-Gutiérrez, Gregorio Ángeles-Pérez, Raúl Moisés Hernández-Cortez




DOI: https://doi.org/10.15359/eys.27-61.1