ISSN: 1409-1070 / EISSN: 2215-3403

Economía y Sociedad is a journal of the Economic School of the National University of Costa Rica (ESEUNA), published on biannual basis (January-June and July–December). It is part of an effort to promote economic alternatives and critical thinking from the perspective of an economy and ethics of development. Besides, this journal promotes the publication of articles with approaches and perspectives of analysis, not only innovative, but also favoring the common good, as well as the social and environmental justice. The journal also has a plural approach of social sciences, promoting the theoretical and methodological diversity, provided that they contribute to face the socio-economic challenges societies and represent a contribution to knowledge. The journal receives articles throughout the year, it evaluates them using the double-blind methodology, by peer specialists external to the journal. The average time for the evaluation and publication of the articles is from 8 to 12 weeks.

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Vol 28 No 63 (2023): Economía y Sociedad (julio-diciembre)
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