Declaration of editorial ethics and good practices

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Economía y Sociedad - EISSN: 2215-3403


School of Economics, Universidad Nacional  de Costa Rica, Costa Rica


The following are the ethical editorial practices and attitudes that should guide the actions of persons who are in some way involved in the editorial flow of publication of Economía y Sociedad articles, namely the Journal’s authors, reviewers and editorial team.



Persons who submit an article to Economía y Sociedad commit themselves to:

 1. Accepting the rules included in the letter of originality and license of author’s? rights (which can be downloaded at the following link, and declaring that by signing this document, they assign the unpublished publication rights of the work to the Journal Economía y Sociedad.

2. Guaranteeing that the submitted article has not been sent simultaneously to another publishing entity. If this behavior occurs, the manuscript submitted for publication will be withdrawn from the editorial process, and, if it is already published, it will be retracted on the page of the Journal, indicating the reasons for which this process is carried out.

3. Guaranteeing that all the authors have contributed in at least three of the phases of elaboration of the article submitted for publication. A. Financing B. Study design C. Data collection D. Statistical analysis and interpretation of results E. Manuscript preparation. In addition to the above, they undertake to explicitly indicate and declare if resources from research programs were used to prepare the manuscript.

4. Declaring that the article submitted for publication of their authorship; if it is verified that this is not the case, the article will be withdrawn from the publication process, regardless of the stage in which it is encountered. In addition, the author(s) guarantee that the content of this article is unpublished and novel, and that it has not been published in its entirety previously by another publisher and that, if extracts of works already published by the authors are used in the submitted manuscript, these do not exceed 60% of the document submitted to peer review in Economía y Sociedad, and that these publications will be referenced (that is, the documents used in the article submitted for publication will be referenced or paraphrased).

5. Declaring that the information present in the investigation has been collected and analyzed objectively, that is, that it has not been purposefully modified to make it fit the needs of the investigation, regardless of the nature of the investigation carried out.

6. Properly recognizing, according to the indications of the APA Manual (third edition in Spanish 2010, translated from the sixth edition in English 2009), the copyrights of the different resources used in the creation of the article.

7. Recognizing that they are responsible for the opinions and results included in the article submitted for publication, and that the Journal Economía y Sociedad does not necessarily share those opinions.


The persons who serve as peer reviewers of a manuscript submitted for evaluation in Economía y Sociedad commit themselves to:

1. Carrying out the evaluation of an article if and only if, the subject matter that is discussed in it is within the areas of knowledge of ​​the reviewer; if this is not the case, they will decline to carry out said task.

2. Carrying out an objective, critical and informed review of the article, regardless of the type of article and its approaches.

3. Making constructive observations, which allow improving the quality of the article reviewed.

4. Disclosing if there are conflicts of interest that may influence the review of the submitted article, or when they know the identity of the author of the document. In the latter case there are two possible alternatives: that the reviewer decides not to carry out the review, or that an open review (instead of a double-blind review) be considered, in which the author(s) and the reviewer(s) of the document will know the identity of their counterparts; in this case, the review methodology used, as well as its participants, will be made explicit in the article.

5. Not sharing the documents reviewed with other persons, and keeping the subject matter addressed in it confidential while the article is in phases prior to publication.

6. Respecting, as far as possible, the review deadlines for articles suggested by the Journal, and informing the Editorial Committee of Economía y Sociedad if more time is required to submit their observations


Members of the Editorial Committee of Economía y Sociedad commit themselves to:

1. Carrying out a preliminary review of each of the articles that are submitted for publication, to verify that they meet the minimum requirements established to be submitted for review by peers external to the Journal.

2. Maintaining the quality and suitability of the articles that are published in the Journal.

3. Assuring that the editorial flow be carried out as quickly as possible, without causing a deterioration in the quality of the published content.

4. Publishing updated guidelines on the responsibilities of the authors and the characteristics of the works submitted to this Journal, as well as on the arbitration system used for selecting the articles and the evaluation criteria that external evaluators must apply.

5. Faithfully guarding the information provided by the authors and the identity of the reviewers whenever the review is carried out using the “Double Blind” methodology.

6. Periodically updating the information on the Journal’s web page, publication regulations, and other elements, to assure that these elements are adapted to the needs of electronic scientific publication.

7. Avoiding any conflict of interest that could hinder the editorial flow of the articles that are submitted for review.

8. Communicating frequently to the authors about the publication process of their article.

9. Efficiently transmitting formal and substantive observations made by the reviewers on each of the articles that are part of the editorial flow of Economía y Sociedad. In addition, inform authors via e-mail if the manuscript submitted for review was accepted in its current state, accepted with comments, or rejected.

10. Assuming responsibility for ensuring compliance with the rules and procedures contained in this declaration, and for alerting other members when they are not observed.