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EISSN: 2215-3470

Uniciencia is an indexed scientific journal from the School of Natural and Applied Sciences at Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica (Editorial EUNA). The Journal’s main objective is to share research findings and provide high quality research papers to the national and international community, encouraging the scientific and cultural development of our society. Publication from 2022 onwards is in continuous mode and starting in 2023, the use of preprint is mandatory.

The target audience involves researchers, academics and specialists from the public and private sectors in the areas of the journal. Areas of interest (thematic coverage) include the exact and natural sciences: Biology, Physics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Topography and Geodesy.  The themes that cut across all areas are :

Theme 1: Management and sustainability of territory and natural resources.
Theme 2: Scientific and technological development and applications
Theme 3: Society and human and integral development. 
Theme 4: Risk management and vulnerability reduction.
Theme 5: Science, mathematics and technology education

Papers are original and scientific in nature. The Journal welcomes a variety of research studies: experimental, descriptive, analytical or inferential, correlational, observational, action-research, or case studies, analyzed by quantitative or qualitative techniques or a combination of both (The IMRAD structure or the structure suggested in the journal template should be used). Papers from systematic literature reviews will also be evaluated(1) (2)No essays, non-systematic literature reviews, discussions, dissertations, educational proposals or technical notes are published.

Original proposals will be evaluated by academic peers who will be external specialists in the given area, using a Single-blind peer review. The arbitration and evaluation procedures are described in the document entitled Brief description of the process of receiving, evaluating and publishing articles, available in the top downloads section, on the right bar of this website.

Support on the sending of articles:

  1. Read the calendar of reception of submissions and estimated times for publication.
  2. Read the Rules and guide for authors carefully.
  3. The preprint is mandatory (The use of the Uniciencia template is suggested).
  4. In any case, instructions on paper length and APA formatting are mandatory.
  5. Read and sign the Letter of Submission of articles, with all the information requested.
  6. Read the policy for articles written in English (Policy on receiving papers in English).
  7. Read the code of ethics.
  8. Read the about the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Current Issue

Vol. 38 No. 1 (2024): Uniciencia. January-December, 2024
Published: 2024-01-01

Original scientific papers (evaluated by academic peers)

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