Radiación sincrotronica en un campo magnético dipolar (ING)

  • J. Bonatti Escuela de Física, Universidad de Costa Rica
  • L. Semionova Departamento de Física, Universidad Nacional


We study the variation of the energy emitted by an electron for the transition between Landau levels  Ni=1 a Nf=0  in the case of a strong magnetic dipolar field. Taking as the first approximation the next functional dependence for the field B=r3*(r*+z)-3 Bsup representing this field near the poles of the neutron star´s surface; it is also analyze the variation of the emitted energy for this transition with the altitude.

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Bonatti, J., & Semionova, L. (1993). Radiación sincrotronica en un campo magnético dipolar (ING). Uniciencia, 10(1), 41-46. Retrieved from https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/index.php/uniciencia/article/view/5461
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