Considering and Making the Best Possible Future from an Educational Standpoint

  • Marianna Galli Universidad Católica de Córdoba, Argentina
Keywords: Educational policies, education as a right, quality school, teaching profession.


The interview with Dr. Horacio Ademar Ferreyra allows us to access the field of educational policies from a point of view that combines academic knowledge with political decision, school practices, and reflections on them.  On this horizon, it becomes indispensable to approach schools in a particular context, in accordance with the different social problems.  In this sense, the legislation in effect becomes the starting point to rethink the challenge of having quality and inclusion in education. Emphasizing the development of citizenship, the interviewee proposes, from his own experience, the defining features of a quality school when redefining the subjects involved and their practices in and from the school.

Author Biography

Marianna Galli, Universidad Católica de Córdoba
Profesora en Educación de Oligofrénicos y especialista en Atención Temprana (IES Dr. Domingo Cabred, Córdoba/Argentina). Licenciada en Gestión en Educación Especial (Universidad de Cuyo/Argentina).  Maestranda en Investigación Educativa (Universidad Católica de Córdoba –UCC–). Actualmente, secretaria de grado y proyección social y docente en la Facultad de Educación (UCC) y profesora en el IES. Dr. Domingo Cabred.


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