Recommendations for the elaboration of citations and references according to the APA model seventh edition:



References: Bibliographical references are made based on the APA seventh edition model with documents duly published or accepted for publication. Personal communications or unpublished data will be referred to as such in the text within parentheses. Examples of in-text references: one author (Chavarría, 2014), two authors (Chavarría & Morales 2014), three authors or more (Chavarría et al. 2014). Multiple references within the text will be arranged in alphabetical order (Hun et al. 2009; Hun et al. 2011; Labruna et al. 2011).

The list of references will be placed at the end of the text following the examples below:

Getty, R. (1975). Sisson and Grossman’s The Anatomy of Domestic Animals, (5th Ed). WB Saunders.

Hartshorn, G.S. (1983). Plants. In: D.H. Janzen (Ed.). Costa Rican Natural History (pp. 118–157). University of Chicago Press.

Hawkins, M.G., Crossley, B.M., Osofsky, A., Webby, R.J., Lee, C.W., Suarez, D.L. & Hietala, S.K. (2006). Avian influenza A virus subtype H5N2 in a red-lored Amazon parrot. J. Am. Vet. Med. Assoc, 228, 236 –241.

Shahir, M. H., Moradi, S., Afsarian, O. & Esmaeilipour, O.  (2013). Effects of cereal type, enzyme and sodium butyrate addition on growth performance, carcass traits and intestinal morphology of broilers.  Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, 15(3), 181-189.

Shanawany, M. M. (2014). Recent developments in ostrich farming. v6200b02.htm

The digital object identifier (doi) must be included in those references that have it.