Approach and scope

Revista de Historia is a semi-annual indexed academic publication of the School of History at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (the publishing entity).

This periodical publication aims to disseminate research that contributes to developing history as a discipline and interdisciplinary studies with a historical perspective. Its focus or specific theme is the history of Costa Rica and Latin America.

The Journal has five sections: Latin America Section, Costa Rica Section, Results and Perspectives Section, Documentary Section, and Bibliographic Critique Section.

Manuscript submissions for publication are received throughout the year via e-mail: The author interested must first comply with the rules for publication and other instructions for authors as provided on this site.

Revista de Historia publishes especially articles referring to the history of Costa Rica and Central America. It also contains a section dedicated to the Latin American region and contemplates the possibility of publishing articles on other regions of the world, especially when it is considered that these are of theoretical-methodological interest for the prevailing historiographic trends in the region. Besides, the Journal aims to disseminate transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary publications, such as those specialized in the different fields of this discipline (applied history, political, social, intellectual, cultural, economic, and environmental history, power relations, gender relations, migrations, oral history, collective memory, subjectivities, etc.).

The main objective of Revista de Historia is to promote discussion, dissemination, problematization, theoretical debate, and the constant historiographic review of articles or research advances typical of the discipline or related to the social sciences.

Its main target audience, as authors and readers, are professionals in history and other social sciences, as well as university students in humanities and social sciences.

Descriptors: history, historiography, history of Costa Rica, history of Central America, history of Latin America

Journal funding / Sponsors

Revista de Historia does not charge for submitting, processing, or publishing articles. The Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica and, specifically, the School of History finances the Journal's work team.