El discurso oficial de los pequeños y medianos cafetaleros (1920-1940, 1950-1961)

  • Alfonso González Ortega


The explicit ideological statements of small and medium coffee producers show a) an inverse relationship between the degree of social differentiation and the number and quality of social codes included in these ideological expressions; b) that the greater social differentiation, there is less possibility of structuring ideological statements through polarities of attributions; c) that the more codes are involved in the production of such ideological statements for a given social situation, that reality will be less differentiated in social cognizance, and the social group producing such statements will be more vulnerable lo loss of control over its production.


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González Ortega, Alfonso. 1987. “El Discurso Oficial De Los Pequeños Y Medianos Cafetaleros (1920-1940, 1950-1961)”. Revista De Historia, no. 16 (July), 161-91. https://www.revistas.una.ac.cr/index.php/historia/article/view/3229.

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