Educational research and research in Mathematics Education

  • Mario Castillo Sánchez Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
  • Ronny Gamboa Araya Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica
Keywords: Education, Research, Educational Research, Mathematics Education Research


This report corresponds to a literature review whose aims to present the point of view of different authors on the concept of Education, to establish the relationship between Science Education, Pedagogy and Education as well as to show the role that of the philosophy of Education in this process.  It also analyze the role of research in the field of Education and Mathematics Education.  In this context, education is conceived as an ongoing and dynamic process that gives tools for personal fulfillment and his conscious insertion in a social world by promoting rules, behaviors, knowledge, school content and values, among others, according to the cultural environment in which it is immersed. After giving an overview of research in education, we conclude that research in mathematics in the education plays a role.  We recommended that an eclectic vision that leads to an integration of quantitative and qualitative research methods to understand the learning process of mathematics teaching.

Educational research and research in Mathematics Education

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