Comparative tomographic and histological investigation of two biomaterials for preservation of the alveolar ridge




Dental biomaterials, bone grafts, bone substitutes, alveolar ridge preservation techniques


[Objective] This investigation evaluates tomographic dimensional changes and histological changes after extraction with the use of two graft materials: Bio-Oss® xenograft and Bio-Gide® resorbable collagen membrane, and Puros® allograft and Biomed Extend® resorbable collagen membrane for the preservation of the alveolar ridge. [Materials and Methods] This is an experimental study in which 20-single tooth extractions were performed and two different biomaterials randomly assigned in two groups were compared. Members of Group A received xenograft-type material (Bio-Oss and Bio-Gide®), while members of group B received allograft-type material (Puros and Biomed®). Tomographic measurements were carried out on Day 0 and Day 210 after extraction. On Day 210 tissue samples were taken for histological analysis. [Results] Tomographic measurements did not show statistically significant variations except in the case of maximum width of the bone crest, which was smaller in the allograft group on day 210 with a value of p<0.05. Histological results show similarity between the two groups in cellular response, osteoid tissue, and mineralized new bone. Differences were observed in the amount of remaining material, with the highest presence of material found in the xenograft group. [Conclusion] The results of this study are similar to those found in the literature, and adequate preservation of the height and width of the bone ridge after an extraction was observed when xenograft or allograft bone substitute materials were employed, with very slight changes during the time of evaluation.


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Comparative tomographic and histological investigation of two biomaterials for preservation of the alveolar ridge. (2023). Uniciencia, 37(1), 1-17.

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