De GPS al mapa (ING)

  • Esteban Dörries Escuela de Topografía, Catastro y Geodesia, Universidad Nacional., Costa Rica
Keywords: GPS, WGS84, Lambert, maps, tranformation, Molodensky, parameter.


The Lambert coordinates obtains from measures taken with a GPS hand equipment, called sometimes navigators, tend to confuse the user, because they differ clearly from the real position when they are plotted into a map from the National Geographic Institute. This can be resolved with enough accuracy by the Molodensky´s transformation, followed by the corresponding cartographic projection. However, the three parameter necessaries for the transformation supposedly valid for Costa Rica, are found in many variants and obviously produce different results. In this work the fundamental of the problem and its possible solutions are analyzed, ending with a comparative study of eight cases that allow selecting the more adequate values for the parameters.

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