Acute Effect of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Performance and Perception of Exertion in Resistance Exercise

Keywords: strength, streyching, resistance training


The main objective of this study was to compare the acute effect of static and dynamic inter-set stretching on performance during resistance training. Thirty physically active and apparently healthy male subjects took part in the study with a minimum experience of four months in resistance training. The mean of age was 23.4 ± 3.2 years; the body mass was 71.7 ± 6.0 kg; the height was 172 ± 6.1cm; the body fat percentage represented 16. 3 ± 5.3%; and the lean mass was 34.5 ± 3.2 kg. Then, subjects were randomly distributed in groups: control group (without stretching inter series), group with static inter series stretching (SS), and group with dynamic inter series stretching (DS). The groups were homogeneous in the 1RM (F (2.29) = 0.77, p = .47).  Data were analyzed using a one-way ANOVA. The results showed that there were no statistically significant differences in the behavior of the variables related to performance: (F(2,29) = 1.37, p = .27, ωp2 = .02) in the fatigue index, (F(2,29) = 2.25, p =.12, ωp2 = .07) in the total number of repetitions. Neither significant differences were observed in the perceived exertion (F(2,29) = 0.46, p =.63, ωp2 = -.03). It is concluded that the performance expressed in the fatigue index and total number of repetitions, as well as the perceived exertion, is not acutely affected by the use of inter-series static or dynamic stretching. 

Author Biographies

Braulio Sánchez Ureña, Universidad Nacional

Escuela Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Calidad de Vida, Programa Ciencias del Ejercicio y la Salud (PROCESA)

Daniel Rojas-Valverde, Universidad Nacional

Escuela Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Calidad de Vida

Juan Carlos Gutiérrez Vargas, Universidad Nacional

Escuela Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Calidad de Vida, Centro de Desarrollo y Rehabilitación de la Salud (CEDERSA)

Kevin Cordero Duarte, Universidad Nacional

Escuela Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Calidad de Vida, Centro de Desarrollo y Rehabilitación de la Salud (CEDERSA)

Luis Blanco Romero, Universidad Nacional

Escuela Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Calidad de Vida


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