Research Data Policy for Articles

Research data is an essential aspect to strengthen the research process as it offers necessary information that complements the article and enables its reproducibility. Therefore, the MHSalud journal invites you to share your data as complementary material for the article.
Authors who decide to submit their research to the MHSalud Journal, may share their research data considering the following indications:
- If you have not previously deposited data: Deposit in a free Open Access repository (either Zenodo, Dataverse or another specialized in the discipline). For more information see to identify an Open Access repository that is relevant to your research topic). If you have previously deposited the data, you must provide the corresponding link to verify compatibility with the journal's policies.

- Include within the content of the article, a paragraph indicating the name of the repository where the data are available, the DOI that refers to the research data, the license or conditions of use of the data, and a brief description (maximum 200 words) of the type of data you are sharing.
- Please indicate during the article registration process if the data have any embargo or special conditions that should be considered prior to refereeing.
- The data shared must guarantee the respect of international ethical standards.
- The database that is available in a public access repository must be cited in the article following the APA seventh edition format.
For more information, we recommend that you consult the FAIR principles:

Note: This policy was developed taking into consideration recommendations such as those of Dataverse or best practices put forward by other publishers such as Wiley or Nature Research.