Citation and References

The MHSalud Journal uses the APA citation standard in its most recent edition.

This standard indicates in its generality that every quote must be placed within the text according to the need of the manuscript, indicating the surnames of the authors, the year, and according to each case, also the page number.

References in APA format include the following information:

Who? Surname, Initial name of the author.
When? (Year of publication).
What? Name of the work, whether if it is book, scientific article, other
Where? Information from the source that publishes this text. Consider that the information varies depending on whether it is a book, a journal or another.

The list of references must appear in alphabetical order and in Hanging Paragraph (left indentation from the second line).

General recommendations:

  • If two or more references coincide with authors and years of publication, you can distinguish them in the text using letters, for example: Sierra (2010a) and Sierra (2010b).
  • If the author has hyphen between their last names, you should keep this format in the citation, for example: (Sierra-González, 2009).
  • When you need to mark several citations at the same time in the text, you must sort them alphabetically and separate them by semicolons, for example: (Arias, 2018; Castillo, 2014)

Textual quote:

  • Less than 40 words should be quoted in the text.
  • More than 40 words should be placed in a separate paragraph and left indented to the entire paragraph.
  • Include Surname or surnames of the authors, year and the page number.
  • If 1 or 2 authors should be mentioned with the names of each individual author.
  • In the case of 3 authors or more, you must quote the first surname together with the clarification et al.

Paraphrasing quote:

  • Include Surname or surnames of the authors, year. The number of pages will be used in special cases previously justified by the author.

Examples: reference types most commonly used in MHSalud:

Scientific article and use doi:
Herrera-González, E., Morera-Castro, M., Vargas-Araya, G, Fonseca-Schmidt, H. y Vargas-Ramírez, P. (2017). Análisis del estado físico y psicológico de la población escolar del cantón central de Heredia, Costa Rica. Revista MHSalud, 13(2). doi:

Mosston, M. y Ashworth, S. (1986). La enseñanza de la Educación Física. Editorial Hispano Europea.

Other recommendations about the APA style:

Camacho, M.E. y Revista Electrónica Educare. (s.f.). Guía para la referenciación y citación con APA.