Good practices to consider before submitting scientific articles in MHSalud Journal

For references, how should I put the name of the MHSalud Journal?

You should use: MHSalud: Revista en Ciencias del Movimiento Humano y Salud

What should I indicate in my institutional afilliation:

The affiliation is composed of: Your official name as a researcher, including a stripe between the surnames if it is required. The official name of the funding institution of the research or in which you work, city and country of the researcher, email and ORCID code.

Do not include the acronym of the academic degree.

Do not use abbreviations in the name. 

How can I get an ORCID code?

Go to the site:
The ORCID is a free service.

What are the requirements to postulate an article?

Before submitting an article to the Journal, you must adjust the manuscript to the MHSalud publication requirements, which you can consult in this link: Manuscripts Submission Guideliness and Instructions for Authors

You will be asked to provide a copyright letter that can be downloaded here: Cover Letter (Originality Statement and Transfer Agreement)

How do I know if the subject matter of my article is relevant to the journal?

To do this you must review the information we provide you on this website, specifically on the tab: About > About the Journal > Focus and Scope

Which citation model does the Journal request?

APA Seventh Edition:

How to adjust my citation and references to the format requested by the Journal?

See the citation and references tab. This will give you general recommendations.

How to submit documents for evaluation of my article?

During 2018 you can submit articles through the e-mail of the Journal:

As of 2019, you will be asked to register the article only through our platform in OJS. For this you can follow the steps described in the following video:

What is the Code of Ethics?

The Code of ethics and Good P´ractices is a document that describes the commitments that the MHSalud Journal must guarantee the validity and reliability in the editorial process of a scientific journal. You must read it to know the commitments and rights that it acquires when applying an article to this journal.

How to improve the diffusion of my published article? 

We encourage you to socialize it. MHSalud Journal offers as value added service, the dissemination of its article in: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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