Preprints in the MHSalud journal

The preprint is defined as the version of the manuscript that researchers deposit in a specialized repository before submitting it for review by a scientific journal. It is recognized that this procedure allows knowledge to be available in the shortest possible time and that the editorial processing of an article does not imply a delay in the dissemination of knowledge.

As of 2021, the MHSalud Journal offers researchers the possibility of submitting articles with a preprint for evaluation. It also offers support for those who wish to create a preprint prior to the evaluation of the manuscript by the journal. The procedure and conditions for registering your preprint are detailed in our cover letter.  
All articles registered as preprints must comply with our format and requirements for the submission of articles. 
For more information you can consult our complementary material: Preprints in the MHSalud journal.

The journal provides the following space for the release of preprints from articles submitted for evaluation.


MHSalud Preprints

Sistematización del proceso de investigación y análisis de la administración y gestión de un proyecto de danza, movimiento humano y salud: líneas de trabajo en salud y prevención primordial de danza universitaria