Obstacle courses… nature, recreation, and health abstract

  • María Morera Castro Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica, Costa Rica http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2218-179X
  • Ariana Serrano Madrigal Universidad Nacional, Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Keywords: obstacle course, physical activity, team work, recreation


Obstacle courses are an activity that brings a group of people together, in which teams are organized to navigate an established route during a set period of time, completing tasks (clues, riddles, or challenges) to meet a defined goal.  Rules and safety norms are explained to all participants; however, they are not informed of the location of the clues, riddles, or challenges.  The following should be considered when organizing an obstacle course: objective, topic to be developed, location, materials needed, clues, riddles or challenges that may be included, and how to supervise that all teams pass the checkpoints.  Like any other activity with a touch of competitiveness, fair play and respect should be above any interest.  If, for any reason, any of the teams has an emergency, solidarity should prevail, and the activity can be used to teach values.  An adventurous spirit is also essential in this activity.  The desire for the unknown and the new challenges individuals and groups.  This activity helps groups of friends, children, adults, families, etc. share a nice and healthy day together in contact with nature, rescuing concepts such as cooperation, cleverness and, particularly, team work.


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